Highbush Cranberry

Highbush Cranberry
(viburnum edule), Family: Adoxaceae

Deciduous shrub, up to 13' tall
Bark is gray, rough and has a scaly texture
Grows in damp woods, riverbanks, streams & thickets
Blooms early summer
Bark collected in spring
Berries collected in autumn after 1st frost

The GUELDER ROSE FAIRY by Cicely Mary Barker
The Guelder Rose Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker


  • Pembina
  • Women's Health
  • Slavic Folklore & Art

Pembina - Ojibwe word for Viburnum edule, and French Canadian.
In latin, cranberry is "vieo", aka to tie, and otherwise known as a wayfaring tree.

Notably, there are 3 rivers named Pembina - one is here in Alberta. It originates in the Canadian Rockies foothills, south of Cadomin. It flows eastwards for 547 km and then merges with the Athabasca River. There are many town sites along it - like Westlock, Sangudo, and Evansburgh. There are 2 protected provincial parks along here too - Pembina River Provinicial Park (Entwistle), and Pembina River Natural Area (near Glenevis, AB). 

Women's Health
Also known as crampbark, highbush cranberry has a long association with women's health. Beverley Gray notes in the Boreal Herbal that midwives and herbalists use it to prevent miscarriages in the 3rd trimester, and to assist with cramping of the uterus after childbirth. She also speaks of using high bush cranberry with yarrow in menopause to help ease muscle pain, excessive bleeding and cramping. Gray notes high bush cranberry is also used to support the body's adaptation with menstruation, and common complains in the menstruation cycle. 

Slavic Culture

High Bush Cranberry is significant in Slavic cultures where it is known as Kalina or Kalyna. In ancient Slavic mythology it was associated with the birth of the Universe, the so-called Fire Trinity: the Sun, the Moon, and the Star. Its berries symbolize one's home and native land, blood, and family roots as well as representing a maiden’s beauty.

Flower Essence Notes

Robert Rogers notes in Herbal Allies: 
Flexibility on the spiritual plane
Examine & be self critical with regard to seemingly contradictory messages we may receive in dream state

Enoburgh Essences:
White light to purify mind of chatter & conflict
Lucidity, harmony and purpose
Protects what's right & allows us to defend ourselves & be seen
Balances the masculine & feminine
Assists with deep shadow work, erasure of duality

Balances higher chakras above the crown
Brings awareness to emotional problems

Simply Herban:
Spiritual connection, unconditional love, emotional awareness, intuition
Connect with Divine Mother (Ancient Mother) energy